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M365 Summits Story

Microsoft is an international company with locations all over the world. But why is there so little information about the far-reaching possibilities of using Microsoft Teams?

In the summer of 2019, Christian asked himself this very question and, without much hesitation, launched the Teams Summit. With various customer and expert presentations on the topic of Microsoft Teams, different professional groups were finally able to find out about the latest updates and features.

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Since then, we have come a long way as a Teams Summit team and have continued to expand and improve the Teams Summit. The format was super well received by all attendees, so we were able to host the first SharePoint Summit in September 2020. The same format focusing on SharePoint and Intranet with exciting reference customer presentations.

The next big project was the M365 Summit on June 15, 2021, with 4 tracks on Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Power Platform and Office365, a total of 16 experts were able to offer insight into the different application areas of Microsoft. For our second M365 Summit, we additionally included topics around Microsoft Viva in the program.

We quickly realized that we needed to expand our team to meet the growing demand for Summits. By now, the M365 Summits team consists of five members who take care of different areas of responsibility.

Not only has our team grown, we now have our own studio to host Summits and receive guest speakers.

In March 2022, we took our first step into the international space with the International Teams Summit. This was also a complete success, which is why we will also offer content in English in addition to the German Summits in the future.

It is important to us to make the events as easy and accessible as possible for our participants. That’s why all of our summits are free of charge and that won’t change. Stay tuned for what we have in store for you in the future!

Thank you to all of our sponsors and attendees who make this format possible.

M365 Summits Team
These are the faces behind the M365 Summits. Get to know us better.
Christian is the organizer of the M365 Summits. In his role as CEO of Solutions2Share GmbH, he has 10 years of experience in provisioning and developing software solutions for SharePoint and Teams.
Michaela Vogl - Organizer of M365 Summits
As digital event manager, Michaela is responsible for the organization and implementation of the Summits. She is the first contact person for all issues and participants around the Summits.
Severin Müller Mitglied des Summit teams
Severin is part of the M365 Summits team. Severin is responsible for managing Studio 365. Studio 365 is the broadcast location for the M365 Summits.
Lasha follows the latest digital social media trends and makes sure to bring new ideas and his vision to life.
Mitschiko Fauser is an Event Manager and Social Media Manager at Summit 365 GmbH and is responsible for managing our social media channels.
Lisa brings know-how from 10 years of trade fair construction and leads the project management around our online summits as well as our face-to-face event, the M365 Summit 2024 in Mainz!
Teona is responsible for sales and personal support for our sponsors.
What our Participants say
Our participants love our events, the community, the networking, great coworking and the exchange with experts. But check it out for yourself!
Summits in Studio 365
Our Summits take place in our partner studio Studio 365 in Fürth. We look forward to welcoming you here!
Unsere M365 Summits im Studio 365
Participating Companies
Many well-known companies are already part of our Summits. Here you can find some examples.

✔ Bayer AG

✔ Lufthansa Cargo

✔ Deutsche Bahn AG

✔ Bodystreet GmbH

✔ Bechtle AG

✔ Fürst Gruppe

✔ Medi

✔ All for One Group SE

✔ Implenia AG

✔ Chromasens

✔ Mammut


✔ GEA Group

✔ Panasonic

✔ Baywa AG

✔ Wieland Gruppe

✔ Cancom

✔ Heidelberger Cement

✔ Microsoft

✔ Wiener Linien

✔ Flughafen Stuttgart

✔ Rolls-Royce Power Systems

✔ Siemens

✔ IHK Berlin

✔ Thüga

✔ Lauda

✔ Axel Springer

✔ Vodafone Group

✔ Die Länderbahn GmbH DLB

✔ ZF

✔ Nürnberger Baugruppe

✔ Media-Saturn-Holding

✔ Thyssenkrupp

✔ Amadeus

✔ Krones AG

✔ Universität Bochum


✔ Brita


✔ TenneT

✔ Dekra

✔ AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG

Our Sponsors
Here you can find some sponsors of the last Summits.
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